Moon Nation Game Crypto Coin Price In Today’s Market

Moon Nation Game is one of the most famous crypto coins on a play-to-earn NFT game nowadays. The coin is still relatively new with its presence in the industry. However, it has shown tremendous growth in such a short time. It offers a great facilitated option for owning crypto coins for any user. It was initially established as a medium of value exchange. But right now, it has surpassed the predetermined walls of users. The MNG has become a mainstream crypto coin now. If you are also interested in knowing more about MNG, you are right. This blog will talk about the Moon Nation Game and understand all its concepts. You will also get the latest market news of the Cryptocurrency Exchange coin.

Today’s price condition in the Market

Market’s Price Condition

Currently, the Moon Nation Game is performing well in the Market. Its credit goes to its robust marketing and promotional strategy. Today’s price of Moon Nation Game is around 0.04592 USD. The market trade volume in the last 24 hours is around 188,704 USD. The record of the past day shows a decrease of -0.16% in the value of MNG. Recently because of the diplomatic situations of the world, the MNG has been experiencing a dip of -3.97% since the last seven days. The highest value of the MNG has been denoted till now at around 0.04782 USD. However, compared with the lowest value of the last seven days, it is around 0.04401 USD. Till now, the maximum supply of MNG has reached 384.4 M.

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Smart Chain of Binance

What is the Moon Nation Game?

The basic foundation of Moon Nation Game is Binance Smart Chain. It works as an intermediate platform for managing the bridge between users and the intelligent chain. The Moon Nation Game has the foundation of space and role-playing for the Market. The MNG works as the loophole for joining the users with the most significant adventure space. MNG comes forward as a reliable utility token. It comprises backup support for allowing all regular transactions while being the intermediator. The main trait of MNG is that it shows reflections after every transaction. Similarly, it also burns when a transaction is made.

Being new in the market, people are doubtful about its viability. However, it is a wholly trusted investment means. It is undergoing evolution to expand its utility horizons further. It is a native token of the Binance Smart Chain. It also brings several liquidity taxes, gains, rewards, burns, etc. It comes with a transaction fee. This ensures stability in its price. It also helps in reducing the effects of inflation. A total supply of MNG valued at around $384 has been released in the Market.


The price of Moon Nation Game is around 0.04592 USD. The MNG is based on Binance Smart Chain, enabling more efficient working with the space. It has transaction fees norms that affect its stability positively. This ensures the users for its growth and further evolution. The current dip in the value is also because of the conflict happening between Ukraine and Russia. However, it is still in a higher curve from its starting position.


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