Crypto Market Up Despite FTX Collapse – Interview With @Eljaboom

The sudden failure of FTX has sent shockwaves throughout the cryptocurrency ecosystem, with many people left wondering what impact this will have. For instance, it remains to be seen whether or not crypto meetups will continue to flourish or if there will be a decline in blockchain innovation.

Industry leaders in crypto-friendly cities like Dubai believe that the FTX failure will not hamper innovation. “People are here to stay” said Eljaboom, during Binance Christmas meetup on December 16th in Dubai. Indeed, Binance’s crypto community and most generally, Dubai’s crypto community has been unaffected in particular because of the optimism of Binance’s leader, CZ, and Dubai’s leaders.

“People are eager to learn about Web3 and crypto. The next chapter of cryptocurrency is still being written, but the long-term viability of blockchain technology remains solid.”


Nadia Toughrani

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