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Kryxivia is a fantasy 3D MMORPG, playable on any modern browser, directly available on  website at, a whole ecosystem awaiting new adventurous players to collect Kryxit! In Kryxivia world, prepare yourself to earn crypto-currency and unique rare NFT while having a fun and cooperative experience with your friends.


Kryxivia’s main features:

  • Kryxit Shard (KXS): Kryxit Shard (KXS) is the in-game money, adventurers like you can find it in dungeons, it comes in many forms with the main utility you can find for it is to trade it with NPC’s like the blacksmith or the merchant or to invest it in the Bank. You can win KXS tokens in-game by farming, exchanging from NPCs, through some quests; by dungeons, and fighting rewards. Later on, you will have the possibility to stake into the bank in-game to profit from staking rewards with a net APY per year which will have multiple in-game conditions to participate.
  • Kryxivia’s characters: On Kryxivia, characters are NFTs that can be traded and exchanged between players, on any open compatible decentralized marketplace, when you are logging in to the game and create a new character, at a first step: the character is stocked and securely saved in our own database to run the game smoothly, then, an NFT representation of your in-game character can be created.
  • Kryxit Gems (Spells): You can export your dropped Kryxit in the city NPC to NFT on any wallet by specifying the address on that you’re willing to receive it, so you can trade, speculate on their KXS token / Ethereum values and show them to your friends on NFT marketplaces, it will trigger a blockchain transfer to the specified wallet to transfer the NFT.
What is the Kryxivia (KXA)?

Welcome to the new era of online, decentralized gaming where you own your properties and are not owned by them, governed by the community, and supported by a complex economy where supply and demand are the greatest currency through a fun farming in-game style.

Having the possibility to have a decentralized representation of each item you got in your favorite game to be able to trade, speculate, exchange, store or just enjoy the freedom of your unique and rare assets, is not a dream anymore.

On Kryxivia, create today your NFT characters linked directly on-chain and build it as you like with your own customized gameplay by your chosen NFT equipped on your character.

Everything is tradeable and exchangeable between players, wallet to wallet: you own every item and in-game property in the form of blockchain NFT.

Based on a PVE system, you can farm with your crypto-friends to upgrade your character and drop NFT Kryxit, spells or items in dungeon fights, therefore, giving you the possibility to trade them for better ones in a decentralized way, or even making direct money through any NFT marketplace!

Project Key Highlights

Blockchain Architecture: The token is issued on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as a native BEP-20 token to assure scalability and low chain fees.

Token Utility: KXA coin which stands for Kryxivia coin token deployed on the Binance Smart Chain is the base crypto-currency for on-chain payment and special packs such as starter packs, special NFT sell events, or exchanging for the in-game currency KXS which stands for Kryxit Shard. You can also use the KXA coin for buying and selling NFT properties (items, Kryxit, spells…) from the game into our online web marketplace using your Wallet (like Metamask).

Token sales and economics

Server network hosting, game client, and server engine costs – 3%
Marketing, adoption increase and incentive to enlarge projects audience – 5%
In-Game events rewards, specials farming, and NFT rewards – 2%
Staking funds for Bank systems and net APY rewards for players – 1,5%
Development team payment costs, team share – 12%
Private token presale round to init the project – 20%
Public token sale (ILO*) for the game beta-release – 20%
Ecosystem funds for extra-operations – 15%
Reserve treasury funds – 21,5%

For the KXA token, we are organizing a fund-raise based on the IDO model using a decentralized platform. First, to kick-start the pre-launch we’re making a private sale access with a limited amount of token and a discount on price as reward motivation.

Then a public one on the decentralized platform which is detailed below to kickstart the token entry into the market, on Uniswap and CEX.

  • Private sale: ( ~ 25% discount from public sale price) 50,000,000 of KXA (50M – 20% supply) 1 BNB: ~ 54,000 KXA 1 KXA = ~ 0,00001848 BNB Price: $0.012 per KXA Raise of ~ 925 BNB = (Total = ~$600k)
  • Public sale: ( ~ 15% discount from listing price) 50,000,000 of KXA (50M – 20% supply) 1 BNB: ~ 43,333 KXA 1 KXA = ~ 0,00002311 BNB Price: $0.015 per KXA Raise of ~ 1155 BNB = (Total = ~$750k)
  • Listing on Pancake Swap: Price: $0.01725 per KXA 80% of the raise funds from Unicrypt locked for 1 year 1 BNB: ~ 37,680 KXA 1 KXA = ~ 0.00002666 BNB

Total raise of ~ 2080 BNB ($1m3)

Roadmap of project

Q3 – 2021

  • Deployment of the KXA and KXS token on the Binance Smart Chain test-net
  • Ropsten for the Alpha.
  • Starting the development, testing the base gameplay, game servers, and blockchains links.
  • Working on the 3D Modeling of the Kryxivia Universe.
  • Doing the Level-Design of cities, mine, working on the Lore of the game, exploring Kryxit and gems functional systems.

Q4 – 2021

  • Launching the online website with the basics about Kryxivia, releasing the Presentation paper.
  • Open-Source release of the Kryxivia codebase on our GitHub repository and the different smart contracts.
  • Preparing the Proof-Of-Concept of the Game using Unity WebGL, C# and Node.js
  • Auditing our different smart contracts that interact with the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.
  • Releasing the Teaser for the launch of the Kryxivia Alpha.
  • Kickstarting the KXA token by doing a public sale to create the asset pool liquidity and the game base-funds (ILO).
  • Deploying the Whitelist for the private Alpha pre-access. (wallets participating in the ILO will have advantages).
  • Working on all the game aspects, the client/server, and connections between the centralization/decentralization services of NFTs.
  • Doing KYC procedures of the Kryxivia Team members.
  • Creating an Uniswap controlled pool for the in-game KXS token (with 10% of the raised funds).
  • Listing over CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko..

Q1 – 2022

  • Having the WebGL browser game ready for deployment
  • Deploying the NFT items marketplace to trade in-game stuff with other players on-chain.
  • Starting the private pre-alpha access for selected members to play into the Kryxivia World in their browser at
  • Using the test-net for the pre-alpha to spot bugs, and rewarding bugbounty players that report issues in KXA tokens.
  • Adding new dungeons and more specifications of items, Kryxit gems and spells gameplay development.
  • Launch the different starter packs (NFT’s packs) for the beta access-launch, to directly start to play with your bought packs.
  • Increasing the team capacity, recruiting new 3D designer, level and scenarist.
  • Improvement of the PVE content.

Q2 – 2022

  • Releasing the beta public access of the Kryxivia World on the main net of the Binance Smart Chain network.
  • Fixing bugs from the pre-alpha (Q1) found by players
  • Starting to develop the raid systems (+20 players fighting together in raid fights) in the Kryxivia Mine.
  • Adding daily quest systems to reward players’ activities, therefore rewarding the most active ones.
  • Working on a bigger set of dungeons rooms into the mine with more difficulties and better Kryxit and stuff rewards.
  • Applying & Listing KXA and KXS tokens on top major T1 centralized exchanges.
  • Bank in-game staking system to win rewards (real ROI with new rewards per year) with KXA / KXS token.

Q3 – 2022

  • Guilds system to team up with your mates with daily/weekly objectives to reach for rewards or bonus rates.
  • Adding an event system season with special unique NFT’s with specific new bosses (new limited cosmetic…).
  • DAO governance to vote on event themes, next milestones on the roadmap to achieve, and nerf or upgrades to make in-game gameplay updates (capped by wallet in terms of percentage).
  • Visual design in-game for statistics and information on KXS value and price moves.
  • Online ladders to see all players, their e-levels and reputations + uniqueness of inventories NFTs

Q4 – 2022

  • PVP system, dual between players in-game to compete and bets a certain amount of KXS in the fight, the winner wins the entire bet.
  • Integration of a Krxyvia Proof-Of-Stake blockchain to reduce at maximum fees for playing.
  • More unique dungeons and epic items / Kryxit to loot in the mine.
Project team and background

Eljaboom's words

Kryxivia aims to be an innovative 3D online, cooperative game working with blockchain and leveraging the crypto economy, while players can own their goods, making money while having fun with exchange and trade between users always existed on MMORPG. It was before, prohibited or even eventually got banned on a usual game (for example website to buy digital game currencies): now you can use cryptosystem to make it happen in a secure way. Using NFTs and decentralized protocol, a whole new way of doing games and interactions between players come with it, which is really exciting, our goal is to make it more main-stream so that big industries see the potential in the technology like us and create the next decentralized game world of tomorrow.


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