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There Is A New Kid In Town : A Kid Called Beast

AKCB, also known as “a Kid called BEAST,” offers an immersive experience of physical and digital realities merged together. This provides a culture-rich lifestyle for those who appreciate this unique blend.

The augmented-reality digital collectible project, hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, has made quite an entrance into the NFT market. The project has an aim to bridge physical and digital culture through art, fashion, music, and technology.

Minting was successfully done on January 15, 2023.

The Ecosystem

AKCB strives to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds by offering solutions that are both human and utility centered. AKCB promotes art and experiences by combining world-class art with augmented reality, which can be shared and enjoyed through multiple social media and social community platforms.

The Project

The AKCB is a community-based 3D AR digital collectible project that recreates everyday objects and experiences as physical ones, limited only by the imagination. By using cutting-edge technology, AKCB fosters a community of people who appreciate the potential of culture and design.

The project features 20 factions, each with 450 members. These factions will work as individual neighborhoods, and each member will be known as a “BEAST.”

During the minting process, users selected personality traits for their BEAST. An algorithm will then determine a series of base traits for the BEAST and place it in its respective BEASTHOOD. This creates a level of personal attachment and builds a strong community involvement for holders.

Upon minting, every beast is assigned to one of twenty BEASTHOODS. These BEASTHOODS provide an internal community within the AKCB ecosystem with competitions, giveaways and opportunities. BEASTHOODS have their own private chat to coordinate as well as an internal DAO structure to manage leadership, BEASTLIST charities, treasuries and more. This system gives holders additional benefits and the chance to compete with other BEASTHOODS for added benefits.

Before choosing their BeastHood, people can take a quick and easy personality quiz to find out which one would be the best fit for them

The Vision

The project’s vision relies on 4 pillars

  • Digital : AR display, metaverse, face filters, etc.
  • Physical : toys, creative consumables, galleries, fashion, etc.
  • Brand & Studio : partnerships, etc.
  • Culture : beast hood, music, events and activations, DAO, etc.

Utilities are key.

BeastSwap, the project’s very own crypto DeFi swap, will provide support for 7 chains and a lot of optimizations for swapping tokens quickly and easily.

BeastStudio will house the augmented reality 3D models and profile picture customizations, with definite access to IP rights to holders.

For real-world utility, merch, toys, accessories, creative consumables, music and publicity stunts.

The Mission

The project has different characters representing childhood, a naive and unfiltered time in which we were our true selves. This is the purest version of people, before they put on masks. Masks are a metaphor for the online persona we use in digital playgrounds. It’s a self-expression of who we wish to be at a particular moment.

The project features 20 factions, each with 500 members. These factions will work as individual neighborhoods, and each member will be known as a “BEAST.”

The Team

The project has gathered Jaime Alvarez, primary artist and co-founder, ex-Nike, Apple, Facebook, Instagram and Sony and other experienced individuals in the fields of Web3, entrepreneurship and creativity, fan of coffee and 90’s sneaker snobs.

A Promising Future

The project has already reached various brands and opinion leaders and is building solid partnerships with brands. Mainly by word-mouth, the account has reached 75K followers on Twitter and 45K folks have joined the Discord.

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