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Chewing Gum In Web3 ? The Gummy Invasion : Chewing Gum With Interactive Qualities


  • Disrupting markets with a combination of physical product, strong community, and brand is where Gummy Invasions comes into play.
  • The technology behind smart contracts and the interoperability of Web3 will be vital for scaling a business and a brand.
  • Gummy Invasions genesis is a collection of 777 Wunnies who have been sent by their general on their next quest of invading Earth. Will you join the Invasion?

The Project

Gummy Invasions is a brand created by INVSN, a group of two pairs of brothers with a vision to change the confectionery industry through innovative means.

By integrating cutting-edge technology, web3, into they products and marketing strategy, Gummy Invasions is launching a line of interactive chewing gum that will be available for purchase online and through physical retailers worldwide.

The genesis collection consists of 777 Wunnies, who act as ‘membership tokens’. The core group of token holders will be involved in a supportive community who will help build the brand together. In return, they will receive benefits and rewards.

The NFT will yield various benefits in the forms of digital assets, tangible goods, exclusive access to events, brand ambassadorship for the chewing gum brand, and redistribution of earnings based on multiple streams of revenue.

The Vision

The global non-functional chewing gum market was valued at 25.8 billion USD in 2021 with a CAGR of 3.1% between 2021-2027. The chewing gum industry presents a lot of opportunities to innovate and stand out. 

Web3 will revolutionize every industry by providing more efficient, trustworthy, and scalable solutions. Leveraging the web3 ecosystem through a physical product would be extremely beneficial.

In the meantime, who doesn’t love chewing gum? It is a fun product and by selling the story behind an attractive and eye-catching design, the brand will speak for itself.

The Mission

Gummy Invasions is keen on cultivating a community of supportive individuals who seek to work alongside us to build the brand. Genesis holders are the top priority and act as closest advisors of the brand. You, as a collective, will be the voice of the people.

The Team

INVSN is a brand co-founded by Nir Rinot, Ron Rinot, Adam Prittie, and David Prittie. Each founder has different roles and along with some external advisors and colleges, all parties fill a unique role that allows for efficient and seamless collaboration. As of right now, the project is entirely equity-driven, directly from the founder’s private funds. The chewing gum brand and other utilities will be funded through a direct reinvestment of the majority of the earnings from genesis collection Gummy Invasions, as well as external investment.

The team is multicultural and speaks English, Hebrew, Hungarian, French, Spanish & Chinese. 

Revolutionising Web2 and Web3

The merge of web2 and web3 is here and Gummy Invasions is taking to to the next level ! Let’s invade together!


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