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Crypto Becomes Second Most Widely-owned Asset Class for Women : EToro Survey

Key highlights

  • The number of female crypto owners rose from 29% in Q3 to 34% in Q4, while male owners inched up from 42% to 43%, according to Etoro’s Q4 Retail Investor Beat.
  • “Crypto is now the second most widely owned asset class for women after cash, suggesting it is succeeding where traditional financial markets have sometimes failed in bringing more women to the table,” stated the report.
  • The number of retail investors holding crypto rose from 36% to 39% quarter-to-quarter.
  • 37% of respondents said they invest in cryptocurrencies for the potential high returns, while 34% invest in digital assets for the power of blockchain technology.
  • When asked about how the bear market has affected their investment perspective, 67% of survey respondents said they were either positive or ambivalent about it while only 33% said their investment outlook was negative. This shows that most people are still optimistic about the market despite the current conditions.

Bringing More Women Into The Fold

The crypto industry is succeeding where traditional financial markets have sometimes failed – by bringing more women into the fold.

This is an important step in ensuring that the industry is more inclusive and that everyone has an opportunity to participate in and benefit from the digital economy.

Crypto has found success in bringing women on board, with data showing that it is now the second most widely-owned asset class for women, behind only cash.

This comes from the results of eToro’s latest Retail Investor Beat, which surveyed around 10,000 global retail investors in 13 countries. The data shows that traditional asset classes are failing to foster broader adoption among women, while crypto seems to have found more success.

This is good news for the crypto industry, as it highlights that more and more women are becoming interested in and involved with cryptocurrencies. This trend is likely to continue as awareness of and access to crypto grows.

You can read the full report here.


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