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Apple, Netflix And Coinbase Listed As FTX Creditors

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According to court filings released Thursday, FTX’s corporate creditors include some big names in the tech and media industries, like Comcast, Netflix, Fox Corp., Apple, CAA, Warner Bros. Discovery and Endeavor.

A list of Media Companies, Airlines, Universities, Crypto Exchanges, and Government Agencies.

The list of creditors failed crypto exchange FTX owes money to was just released, painting a large picture of who has been caught in the collapse of Sam Bankman-Fried’s empire.

The document doesn’t reveal the amount each of the creditors is owed, however, we know that about $3.1 billion is owed to its top 50 creditors. The two known largest claims were for $226 million and $203 million each.

The 116-pages FTX creditor list, names companies such as Netflix, Apple, Comcast, CAA, and subsidiaries of Warner Bros. Discovery and Endeavor, among other firms.

We suppose that some of those media companies are owed money for advertising or sponsorship deals, For instance, FTX had advertised on Turner Sports programming by WBD and had appeared on live sports broadcast by Fox and NBCUniversal during the Super Bowl last year.

The tech giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Snap, Twitter, Apple and TikTok, are likely listed as creditors for some advertising and services.

The list also includes Gisele Bundchen Charitable Giving as a creditor. The Brazilian supermodel even appeared in FTX Super Bowl ad.

The list of individual creditors, including 9.7 million individual names have been sealed off,  per FTX lawyer’s request, for three months.

FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried, who has been accused of stealing billions of dollars from FTX customers to pay debts incurred by his crypto-focused hedge fund, has pleaded not guilty to fraud charges. He is scheduled to face trial in October.


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