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Elon Musk Still Wants McDonald’s To Accept Dogecoin

Yesterday, McDonald’s tweeted “what did i miss”. Lots of replies came from the crypto community, including Binance and other Web3-savvy accounts.

McDonald’s then showed its love for the crypto community by replying with “Wagmi”, an acronym for “We Are All Gonna Make It”. This is typically used in the online trading sphere to show comradery with fellow investors and their holdings, this is a message to keep hope.

Elon Musk responded with “Oh hi lol”.

A DOGE community member then reshared a tweet from Musk from January 2022, when he stated via Twitter that he would eat a Happy Meal on camera on TV if McDonald’s accepted Dogecoin as a means of payment. The Dogecoin community member asked Musk if that offer is still valid, and he responded with “100%.”

Once again, Tesla CEO Elon Musk shows his support to the cryptocurrency of Dogecoin by replying “100%”.

Will McDonald’s Accept Dogecoin ?

McDonald’s did not formally approve or refuse Dogecoin as a payment method, their CM tweeted back “Only if Tesla accepts Grimacecoin”, when no such coin exists.

Besides those crypto-related tweets, MacDonald’s has not yet showed any crypto aspiration nor develop a Web3 strategy.


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