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Hermès Wins ‘MetaBirkin’ NFT Lawsuit Over Mason Rothschild. Luxury IPs In Web3 : The New Challenges

Key Highlights After a year-long legal battle, French luxury design house Hermès has won its case against NFT artist Mason Rothschild. The jury sided with Hermès after eight days of court proceedings. This is a landmark case in the world of NFTs, and it is sure to have far-reaching implications for both the art world […]

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National Geographic NFTs Turn Into a National Failure

National Geographic has entered the NFT field and it was not successful. The company was certainly unprepared for the level of criticism it received after announcing their inaugural NFT collection. Proud to announce that National Geographic has embraced NFTs, the company quickly faced backlash from its community and several technical problems. The promising collection featured […]

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Hackers Take Over NFT Project Azuki’s Twitter Profile, Steal Over $750K Worth Of Asset

On Friday afternoon, the Twitter account of top NFT project, Azuki, was compromised resulting in the loss of over $750,000 worth of crypto assets. Hackers took over the project’s account and posted a wallet drainer link disguised as an invitation for users to participate in a virtual land mint in The Garden, Azuki’s native Metaverse […]

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Elon Musk Still Wants McDonald’s To Accept Dogecoin

Yesterday, McDonald’s tweeted “what did i miss”. Lots of replies came from the crypto community, including Binance and other Web3-savvy accounts. McDonald’s then showed its love for the crypto community by replying with “Wagmi”, an acronym for “We Are All Gonna Make It”. This is typically used in the online trading sphere to show comradery […]

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Elon Musk and Tesla Still Hold Bitcoin

Key highlights Through the fourth quarter of 2022, Tesla, the EV leader maintained its Sept. 30 stake in bitcoins. Great news for cryptocurrency and bitcoin fans and holders. Faithful to Bitcoin For Years Last Electric-vehicle leader balance sheet showed that Tesla and Elon Musk have been keeping the Bitcoin they’d had left at Sept. 30 through […]

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Apple, Netflix And Coinbase Listed As FTX Creditors

Key highlights According to court filings released Thursday, FTX’s corporate creditors include some big names in the tech and media industries, like Comcast, Netflix, Fox Corp., Apple, CAA, Warner Bros. Discovery and Endeavor. A list of Media Companies, Airlines, Universities, Crypto Exchanges, and Government Agencies. The list of creditors failed crypto exchange FTX owes money […]

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Porsche NFT : Drop, Crash And Burn

Key highlights After a strong community backlash over very high minting prices and lack of communication, Porsche decided to backpedal its NFT plans. Porsche’s NFT Ambitions Have Stalled Right Out Of The Gate NFT collectors were thrilled when big-time auto brand Porsche announced their entry into the Web3 space. However, things took a turn for […]