The DogemonGo is a Solana (SOL) and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) augmented reality (AR) mobile game similar to Pokemon Go, where you locate, capture, train, and battle virtual creatures called Dogemons.  The game, DogemonGo, is based on the same principle, only it contains a lot of “Dogemons” instead of Pokémons. Dogecoins (DOGE) are rewarded to players whenever they hunt a dogemon, which users can trade in the crypto markets.

DogemonGo main features:

  • Breeding License: Buy your breeding license to create new and rare Dogemon which you can withdraw and deposit as NFT.
  • DOGO Trainer License: If you own the DOGO Trainer License (worth 100 DOGO Credits) which is active for 30 Days, then you can refer friends. And as long as your license is active, you earn 2% from their DOGO Credits.
  • Be your own Area Landlord: DogemonGo Trainers can play in areas and now can be the basic landlord to own this area. With this NFT you collect in-game rewards from all players even if it’s not in your referral by holding the DogemonGo Landlord NFT. You own the NFT, you own the land, and the share in the rewards.
  • Traveller: Play DogemonGo everywhere you want! With new in-game option – Traveller – you can use a ticket to move in all places of dogemonGo metaverse. That’s a feature which allows to make your gaming experience unusual, especially if you wanted for long time a journey in uncharted lands.
  • Advertising platform: DogemonGo (DOGO) offers an advertising platform where players can market their personal investments on crypto projects and coins/tokens. The projects, tokens, or coins will be integrated into the DogemonGo World. All players of the game will be able to see these projects, coins, or tokens, which can result in increasing the popularity of the coins or tokens.
  • Level up & earn more: Higher DogemonGo Level increases your Dogo Credit rewards and the chances to catch more Dogemons and Dogecoins. Only way to reach a higher level is with a higher DOGO Credit Balance. DOGO token holder can Boost your Dogemon Levels with DOGO Credits.

What is the DogemonGo Token (Dogo)?

Have you ever heard of the famous PokemonGo game? When that game was released in 2016, it took the world by storm. Everyone from 5-year-olds to 50-year-olds was playing the game and having fun. All you had to do was roam around with your phone and “collect” different pokemon and save them in your account.

DOGO crypto, which is short for DogemonGO Crypto, is a spin-off of this game where players collect Dogemons in place of pokemon. All user are rewarded by dogo credits by hunting Dogemon monsters  and they have a chance to capture doge token. They can then use this Dogecoin on crypto exchanges and earn money in real-time. This game was developed by Shemie Suarez, the lead developer from Frozen Limited gaming company. This project aimed to introduce people to the world of cryptocurrencies in a fun and exciting way.

DogemonGO uses augmented reality to sync its 2D space into our 3D world and work its way into our lives. This makes it a unique gaming experience and gives the players an excellent opportunity to play the game.

Thus, this unique feature promises to improve the game’s popularity and help investors earn many returns on their investments. Augmented reality is a type of technology that blurs the lines between reality and animation. It smartly places animated objects onto the background as captured by your camera and helps you interact with that animation.

Project Key Highlights

Blockchain Architecture: The DogemonGo Token is issued on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as a native BEP-20 token and also on the Solana(SOL). This provides greater accessibility to DogemonGo token holders, and enables a wide range of token functionalities at low transaction costs.

Token Utility: DOGO’s Tokens offers the users who play the game try to catch Dogemons and get DOGO credits and Dogecoins in return. Higher DogemonGo Level increases your Dogo Credit rewards and the chances to catch more Dogemons and Dogecoins. Only way to reach a higher level is with a higher DOGO Credit Balance. DOGO token holder can Boost your Dogemon Levels with DOGO Credits.

Token sales and economics

  $Dogo Allocation 

Fair launch PancakeSwap – 52%
Game Rewards – 20%
Marketing – 10%
VC/Exchanges – 9%
Team – 6%
Cross Chain Liquidity – 3%

Total supply – DOGO

Roadmap of project

September 2021

  • Adding new Dogemons
  • Referral System
  • NFT Boosters
  • Guerilla DOGE 
  • Diamond Hands

September — November 2021

  • Fight with your Dogemons against AI trained Dogemons & other Players
  • Add special Skills to your Dogemons
  • Level Up your Dogemons
  • Be your own Landlord NFT
Token's activity and community overview

Community growth strategies of Dogemon Go include:

  • DogemonGO Twitter: The official twitter account of Dogemon Go, where a lot of posted gaming videos and photos from retweets of followers and latest news about updates, developments and upcoming events.


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DogemonGO is a meme-based cryptocurrency game that is based off of the famous game, Pokemon Go and the cryptocurrency Dogecoin. This game is developed by Frozen Limited and is currently available on iOS, Android APK, and Google Play Store. Currently, it is in the early stages of development however it provides people an opportunity to earn while playing. The gameplay of DogemonGO is not that complicated because all you have to do is to roam around in hopes to capture Dogemons to earn DOGO credits, which later can be converted to DOGO tokens that then can be withdrawn to a BSC Wallet and SOL Wallet.