Moon Nation

Play-To-Earn Cryptocurrency Games

Moon Nation is a crypto-gaming ecosystem built on a play-to-earn NFT game, bridge platform, and NFT marketplace

$MNG gains new utility and functionality over time through our continuous development schedule, and continues to break all-time highs with our aggressive marketing.

Moon Nation main features:

  • MNB: The Steam Of Crypto: Moon Nation Bridge (MNB) is a platform that
    • Serves as a hub for all your crypto games;
    • Allows you to use a single token ($MNG) for all your crypto-gaming needs;
    • Offers crypto integration to non-blockchain games through simple APIs. This hub will simplify all game purchases, play-to-earn rewards, and community interaction across your entire library. MNB is now live with a limited game selection as a proof-of-concept, with additional games ready for implementation in the near future.
  • Exclusive NFTs: Pick up original NFTs for collecting, investing, and in-game use. Purchase weapons, outfits, vehicles, passports to different planets, and more!
  • Traveling & exploring planets: There are multiple communities on multiple planets. Users can travel to different planets, take different avatars, and join different communities.
  • XP points & skill sets: Users can acquire different skill sets. Reach different levels. They can achieve success by doing tasks /spending currency.
What is the Moon Nation(MNG)?

Moon Nation Game is a multiplayer, role based game where token holders will be issued passports against $MNG tokens and start the amazing journey of unexplored space, with top of the line graphics. $MNG will be used for various features in the Moon Nation Game.

An unprecedented coin launch with a massive grass roots effort and an international promotion team covering every base.

The foundation of the Moon Nation ecosystem is $MNG: a rock-solid utility token with reflections and burns on every transaction. Since its launch in May 2021, $MNG has been purchased by 33,000 investors and grown over 15,000%

Project Key Highlights

Blockchain Architecture: The token is issued on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as a native BEP-20 token to assure scalability and low chain fees.

Token Utility:

  • Grant you a passport to blast off from your starting colony and explore the in-game universe.
  • Let you obtain in-game currency that you can either use to enrich your game experience, or try to multiply and cash out like casino chips.
  • Give you a safe investment opportunity with endless growth potential so you can profit while you play.

10% Total transaction fees applied whenever tokens are bought, sold, or transferred:

  • Marketing & Development 2%: Tokens re-invested into growing and improving the project.
  • Reflections 3%: Tokens redistributed back to all token holders
  • Liquidity 3%: Tokens sent to the liquidity pool to maintain price stability
  • Burn 2%: Tokens sent to a burn address to promote deflation
Token sales and economics

$MNG’s 10% transaction fee has played a critical role in its success and longevity. The components of this fee provide price stability, steady deflation, rewards for holders, and funds for continuous development.

Since its launch, $MNG has burned over 16% of its total supply and distributed over $15 million in reflections to its investors.

PancakeSwap liquiditypool – 25%
Whitelist sale – 39.5%
Marketing and development wallet – 5%
Pre-sale – 30.5%

Total supply – 384.400.000

Roadmap of project
  • Stage 1: Official release of the Moon Nation game
  • Stage 2: Quarterly updates and expansion packs for the Moon Nation game, including new content, fixes, and improvements
  • Stage 3: Hundreds of games hosted by MNB. Developers are able to integrate with MNB platform easily using simple APIs, so their games can gain crypto functionality and get exposed to a wider audience
  • Stage 4: A personalized NFT marketplace, along with original NFT assets usable in the Moon Nation game. The marketplace will be integrated with MNB so that one NFT be used across multiple games in a player’s library
  • Stage 5: The $MNG token will be launched on additional blockchains, and MNB will be upgraded to support multiple tokens and blockchains (e.g. ETH, POLY etc.).
  • Stage 6: Development of educational games for all ages, from pre-school level up to college students and working professionals. Materials will cover a range of topics from STEM subjects, to linguistics, to employment training modules
  • Stage 7: Launch of the Moon Nation DEX for secure trading of $MNG
  • Stage 8: Augmented reality and virtual reality games hosted on MNB
  • Stage 9: Credit card purchasing option for the MNB platform
  • Stage 10: Promotional events for gamers, both online and in-person, including tournaments and expo appearances. Partnerships to be announced.
Project team and background

Ben Todar

C. E. O.

Ajit Phatake

C. T. O.

Sam Ridgeway

C. M. O.

Kain Howarth


Mike Carter


Joseph Roman

Tech support

Burak K.





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Community overview

A tight-knit community is one of the fastest growing in the industry, with daily input from MNG admins and weekly AMAs with CEO Ben Todar.